Dr. Sears Cancer Cure

Dr. Al Sears wrote the following blog.  Visit his web site for the full story. Click here to go to his web site. Everybody knows the story about Angelina Jolie’s “preventative surgery” for breast cancer… But you should know the shocking story about her surgery you were NOT told… The story of why she was…

Live a Long Life – Dr. Sears

Al Sears, MD says  “I get a kick out of the television ads I see for CoQ10 supplements”. To visit Dr. Sears now, CLICK HERE. The ones that claim to be on the “cutting-edge” because they contain ubiquinol, the superior form of CoQ10 that’s 8 times more powerful than the conventional one.

Conquer Anxiety Attacks

Cure Panic and Anxiety Attacks  Without Medication For so many of us, the anxiety creeps up and takes a hold. Suddenly, we feel our heart rate accelerate panic and our breathing become quicker. We feel uncomfortable sensations coursing through our body and become even more frightened. We are so consumed by the physical manifestations of our anxiety or panic…

Positive Mental Health

This new site is dedicated to positive mental health and good physical health. Your comments are appreciated. Please leave positive comments and good health ideas.  As web master it is my desire to publish positive thoughts and good health practices.