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Thanks for visiting my site.  I hope you find something interesting!  Here you can buy truly good health supplements, visit my real estate page or learn internet marketing.
I have lived my life like there was no tomorrow. At a time when I should have saved money I spent a fortune on airplanes, expensive cars, motorcycles, and travel.  I am a testament to the benefits of saving money for old age.  To learn more about me, to go to my other site and read “About Ray”. And why he is still working at age 86! At that site you can learn how to create web sites such as this one, for free – No credit card required.
I had planned on working in real estate until the day they laid me out on a slab. However a case of fungal meningitis destroyed my balance in 2012. I found it difficult to show houses when I had to use a walker and could not climb stairs.
I have continued to promote commercial real estate and preform commercial real estate appraisals. Until meningitis I had never been seriously ill and had no health concerns. While I was in rehab trying to learn how to walk I bought a lap top computer and started researching health issues. I had created some dBase programs in the 1990’s and decided I would learn how to create web pages and possibly earn a passive income from web creation. Wealthy Affiliates has made that possible.
This site is dedicated to positive thinking and good health.  I truly believe in alternative health programs and keeping a positive attitude. I have been married to my best friend, and the love of my life, for 65 years. She is a wonder who has tolerated me over the years.
As far as good health practices go, I am affiliated  with Dr. Al Sears who is an expert on alternative medicine and living a long life.  Click here to visit his site. He has some truly interesting blogs and a daily health newsletter that is free. My wife and I take his food supplement Ultra Accel each day. I truly believe it keeps our energy level high and helps us to keep a sharp mind.  We are both 84 years old and seem to have all of our faculties. However, sometimes I am not sure about that. LOL
If you have read this far, please befriend me on Facebook at Ray Brannum, Guntersville, Alabama. Also visit my other Facebook page Truly Good Life that is all about positive quotes and healthy living.
If you are depressed and need a friend, call me any time of the day or night. My cell phone number is 256 572 1565. My email address is rdb@mindspring.com.
If you buy anything for sale on this site I will make a small commission.

Also please remember that I am not a medical doctor and the information on this site if for information only. It is has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and if you are ill you should see your doctor.

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