Positive Mental Health

This new site is dedicated to positive mental health and good physical health. Your comments are appreciated. Please leave positive comments and good health ideas.  As web master it is my desire to publish positive thoughts and good health practices.

The use of positive thinking for good mental health has been discussed and popularized by the media in the past decade, but is not a new concept. In the 17th century, John Milton, author of “Paradise Lost,” states, “The mind is a place of its own. It can make a heaven of hell, or a hell of heaven.” The meaning: even if you are living a life envied by many, you will remain miserable because your sole focus is on negative aspects.

Books such as The Secret or the series written by Jerry and Esther Hicks on the law of attraction are among many that encourage people to take charge of their life by taking control of their thoughts and thinking positively.

Being fearful of the future can cause a person to become depressed to the point that he or she is unable to enjoy the present.  When this happens you need to tell yourself that presently all things are fine and nothing is really disturbing at the present time. You need to take the dread off your heart.

I have followed Dr. Al Sears for some time in search of good health.  He sells a multitude of diet supplements. At 85 I have been one of his best customers.  I love keeping up with his blogs on healthily living.  .

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