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I am a workaholic. And have experienced better than average success in life. However, all of the money which I made talked. It said good-bye . I have never been on good terms with money, all I was interested in were airplanes, motorcycles, travel and spoiling my children.
Anyway, you probably get the picture. It never occurred to me that one day I might not be able to work in my chosen field – real estate and insurance. I had pretty much enjoyed good health all of my life and had never had a broken bone. Since I had not saved any money or made good investments I planned to work all of my life. It never occurred to me that I might be unable to work. I thought I was invincible. Well I am not.
When I was 81 years old I fell and broke my hip and as a result of the broken hip suffered a case of fungal meningitis. Long story see “About Me” on my other site goodinetwork.com for a full description of what happened.
During my recovery it became obvious to me that I needed some work/income that did not include climbing stairs or walking fields.
So while I was in rehabilitation I had my son bring me a laptop computer and I started on my quest. What happened is I fell for one scam after another. I never realized how riff with get rich quick scams the internet was loaded with. I had virtually given up when I ran across Wealthy Affiliates. The name threw be a bit – I thought “Just another scam” because of the wealthy part. However, they had a free trial and I thought what do I have to loose.
As it turned out I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I found an honest business that is sincerely concerned about your success. Kyle and Carson, the business owners, have a “hands on” attitude about the business and offer training that is college level.
Their attitude carries over to the members of Wealthy Affiliates which is managed much like Facebook. All of the members are concerned about the success of the fellow members and freely share proven advice on how to succeed.
A caveat – a high percent of the people who attempt to make a living on the internet fail. The failure rate is high due to the shams that are rampart on the web and the hard work, knowledge and training that is required to succeed.
Wealthy Affiliates is not a scam and is definitely an oasis of knowledge. The training is there for you to take advantage of. You just have to be dedicated to learning the correct steps to success.
Take advantage of the free training today. It includes two web sites and the necessary training to make you an internet income earner. Sign up free and I will see you on the inside and help you anyway I can.


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